Perfect Arrange Page/Terrible Mixer

Why not have a separate Mixer Preference? I’ve got the Arrange page looking sharp as hell. Perfect. Then I look at the other monitor that is dedicated for the Mixer… :astonished: Woah!!! Ugly!!! :open_mouth: Colors all washed out…blackish background…with a slight hint of the colors that are on the Arrange Monitor. I mean it’s a balancing act! Always a compromise. Anyhoo…Maybe the next version?

It looks like one people do arrange page, other peoples mixer. Yesterday I open project in C6.5 and mixer was very pleased to look. Everything clean, like “hardware”, proffesional look. If they upgrade old mixer to full screen and new possibilities, it would be mutch perfect. Unfortunaly, there is no way back, I think…all things must go forward.

Agreed. More custom colours please. :mrgreen:


OK. The basic set-up of the mixer is a bit complicate :wink:

But… you can modify the layout as you like and store it as a template.
Afterwards you are able to load it into each of your songs.

Not that bad, I think :unamused:


They do have (or will have) a demo version and they didn’t twist your arm to buy it.

So, your point is that no-one who’s actually bought Cubase ought ever mention any aspect that he finds unsatisfactory?

Then, perhaps you’d recommend that Steinberg get rid of the “Feature Requests and Suggestions” sub-forum? Or that it permit only people who haven’t actually bought C7 to post there?

IMHO, Steinberg’s quite able to fight its own corner, unaided – no amateur forum-police needed.

Yes I know all this…but this does not address “PREFERENCES ON ARRANGE PAGE VS PREFERENCES ON MIXER”.

When you’ve only had it for five minutes and it’s only 20 minutes old? Has he even looked at any of the settings yet?
I’m not fighting Steinberg’s corner it’s posts like this that make you look like a bunch of amateur kids have somehow got hold of a very expensive piece of kit and don’t think it’s cool enough. I’m fighting the corner of average Cubase users who have to wade through this garbage every time they log in.
I doubt many have actually used the mixer to it’s full extent. And that’s OLD one I’m talking about!

And the poster can fight his own corner so we don’t need any butting in by the “professional” amateur anti-common sense police. :laughing:

Address what exactly? We all have to learn how to set up each version that is why we usually run the old version alongside the new. ALSTUDIOS gives you a way to do things and you just give him a poxy little “Yes, I know…” instead of a thanks.
Just delve a bit and then ask for pointers but you’re not doing yourself any favours by being another gripe machine.

can u explain please what do u mean by Store a MixConsole layout as template and how to do it?(dont see anywhere how to do this)

Maybe look about here

You should probably watch the videos and RTFM. There are some short comings and fiddly bugs for sure. But, it’s really got a lot of features if you don’t mind using the mouse.

this functions i familiar with.
in original post he says “… you can modify the layout as you like and store it as a template.
Afterwards you are able to load it into each of your songs.”
here we cant save it as template and load it to other projects(yet , hopefully they add that function)

The “function” is only possible via Project Templates and not any other way.

ah, I misunderstood the phrasing. emotive has it correct, they removed the mixer templates. Supposedly it is on it’s way back in some form or another in an upcoming patch.

I experience the same. The mixer of 6.5 looks like an upgrade of 7. Easier to use everything accessible in the channel strip. Why do we have to make the eq visible to change the input gain? I use a lot of hardware and always found it very handy to set this roughly in the channel strip. Some of the new possibilities are great but that layout and look… :frowning:

:wink: its the 2nd function im trying to find and they removed it…
but things gonna improve i guess in next updates if they took those functions in 7.01 update. wandering what steinberg are up to :mrgreen:

+++1 :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHA Address what exactly???
We all have to learn how to…WHAT???
OK dude…you have to learn to read, or maybe reading comprehension.
I wasn’t asking for guidance.
My “GRIPE” is valid and has nothing to do with Layout or Templates.

Oh, by the way…THANKS