Performance 7.5/8 on OSX


I tested a song with some Kontakt/Damage Kits, OmnisphereSounds and EngineSounds on my Imac i7 12GB OSX 10.9.5
with UR22 Latency 128. AsioGuard on and high (92ms)
The average load is about 20-30% better in C8 than 7.5.3, real time peak is high in C7.5, minimal in C8.
But only if no of this VSTIs-tracks is record-enabled!

Great new version of Cubase!


happy to hear that, on OSX 10.8, under Mavericks a lot of problems.

Can you describe your problems ?
I am on 10.9 also, didnt test thoroughly but havent come into any C8 issue yet.
It seems to run beautifully for me.

Well the sound of the system raise up 6db when cubase launch and itunes is plaing… crash with Melodyne when I remove the plugs from the slot, crash when load some Kontakt stuff. Super slow with old project taken from C6.5 but should be normal. Retina display not supported, some old problems some new problems with bounce in place only for stereo files etc. So it’s not a Major release of course and is not a Cubase 7.5 bug fixing. Spikes still there, and differences in performance when the buffer size is a 2048 are not visible, same processor stress.

7.5 project defenetely loading faster in C8 and latency went drasticaly down, so far from the little I had time to test.
Besides that, I like all the new features. Workflow for me better now.