Performance Channel Switching via Expression Maps?

Hello fellows,
I want to make a Complex Virtual Instrument in Kontakt. In my scenario I want to load two different Solo Violins in Kontakt. Violin A on MIDI Channel 1 and Violin B on MIDI Channel 2 in Kontakt. These sample instruments offer different Articulations by the way! My goal is to create a Complex Violin instrument where I can switch the Articulations and the Performance MIDI Channel on the fly.
It is known that you can set the Expression Maps to a given MIDI Channel - so far so good. However I want when I switch a given Expression Map then the performance MIDI Channel to be switched to that MIDI Channel on the fly without any Note hanging if any previous Notes have been held?

It shouldn’t be causing hanging notes. But I think your Map should consist of the ensemble of all articulations for both MIDI channels (i.e. you can’t just have a set of keyswitches for the various articulations, plus two more for changing the MIDI channel, because as soon as you hit one of the “articulation” keyswitches, it won’t retain the channel remapping, so you’d have to include the channel mapping in each articulation).
Anyways, if all else fails as regarding your current hanging notes…
I don’t know if the following might cause any other unwanted results, but, try adding to each Slot, in the Output Mapping section (top-right), Status=Controller, Data 1=123 (All Notes Off)

Thanks for the detailed reply! I will try that. By the way CC123 (All notes off will kill any chord or previously held down Note during the switching).
Here is a hardware example I’m looking for. Let’s say you play an Organ patch on your hardware synth. You can hold down a chord or a few Notes and change the patch to Strings. During the patch switching there is no interruption of the Organ chord. After the switching when you play new Notes they will play Strings (and the Organ held notes can still play until you release them). After the Organ releasing all new Notes will play String patch. This is called smooth MIDI Channel performance Switching. I’m looking for such switching via the Cubase Maps.
I my previous example I use two different solo Violin Instruments loaded into Kontakt on Ch.1 & Ch.2. Let’s say I want to switch the Maps from Sustain (Violin A Ch1) to Sppiccato (Violin B Ch.2) and have “smooth MIDI Channel” switching.
It is quite possible if I have still held a Sustain Violin A note during the switching. The Note OFF will go to Ch2 causing note hanging of Ch.1 if there is no such “smooth MIDI Channel” switching function?

I am just wondering if the “hanging notes” problem is being caused by the actual instruments that you are using in Kontakt5?.. because I have just tried here, using two Kontakt slots, each with a different preset from “Vintage Organs”, and there is no hanging if i use a keyswitched Expression to change channels while a played note is still held (and I have tried with both “Direction-type” and “Attribute-type” articulations)… the note-off is “smart” enough to recognize that it belongs to the previous channel.

(slightly o.t. but I disagree with your hardware organ analogy :wink:… on a “real” organ, when you hold a note or chord, then add or remove a stop, yes, the chord continues to play, but the stop change happens in realtime… in fact that is the only way to “simulate” dynamics on a pipe organ (unless you are on the swell or choir manual, with its mechanical “shutters” :wink: ), and, in the case of a correctly-programmed software organ, this is achieved by having all the stops playing silmultaneously, and the adding or removing of a stop is effectively doing nothing other than muting/unmuting the volume for that stop.

I will try out your scenario with Maps. The “Organ” patch was just a synth layering example patch not a real Organ.

Edit: I just set two Maps with Channel assignments and the MIDI Channel switching works as expected. Thanks!