Performance Drop in Gallery View [Resolved]


Is anyone having a performance drop in Gallery View on long projects?
Zooming in and out in Gallery View is very slow, and inserting cues for example can take several seconds (maybe 15 or 20).
I use Dorico 2.1, and I clean installed Windows 10 few days ago.
My computer is a laptop with an i7 CPU, 8Go of RAM, a 250Go SSD hard drive, and a Geforce GT555m GPU.
Even while Dorico is working, it never exceed 25% of CPU usage and 2 Go of RAM.

Here is a link to the file (too large to attach):

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As I just mentioned on Facebook, this seems to be related to the System track - try turning it off for now.
I’ve sent the file in to the team to look at.

Could you also post a link back to your forum post if you post on both Facebook and the forum in future, please?

Oh! Thanks John!
Sure, I’ll post a link back to the forum as well in the future!

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