Performance entering lyrics

A quick question. When entering lyrics, I find that there is a very short delay whenever I press [space] or [-] to move to the next syllable. This is hardly an issue when typing slowly, but when typing fluidly it means Dorico often misses one keypress at the start of each syllable, resulting in lines like:

God ave ur rac-ous ueen,
ong ive ur o-le ueen,
od ave he ueen!

(I xaggerate, but ou et he idea)

This is probably just a performance issue on my ageing Macbook Pro, and not really a big deal – it just makes me slow down a bit. Does anyone have any insight into whether this is a persistent problem even on fast new machines, or whether my planned upgrade later in the year is likely to eliminate it?

This is a known issue. And the performance (I believe) has been looked at a little in the past.

There are numerous discussions about this on the forum. If you do a search, you will find the discussions and you will see what Daniel’s response has been.

I can say, that on my machine, this has been very limited as an issue, and only arises when there are sections that are musically denser than others.


Thanks. I didn’t find the discussion on a cursory search, but have now searched more thoroughly and seen the responses. Fair enough. (For anyone else reading this thread who wants to see the response: )