Performance Issue (High Buffer Setting Required)

I have a project that includes the following instruments and plugins. I HAVE frozen the majority of the tracks to save on CPU.

The only way I can continue to work on this project is to have my buffer set to 2048. Based on my hardware listed in my signature do you think I’m significantly underpowered with CPU and RAM?


12 Audio Tracks
8 Midi Tracks running the VSTi’s listed below


Groove Agent (drum track)
Prophet V3
Electric 88 (waves synth) 3 instances
Analog Lab 3 piano)
Kontakt (Bass)


UAD SENDS (Teletronix LA2A, MXR Flanger, AKG BX20, Precision Delay)
INSERTS: UAD Fairchild, UAD Precision Delay, UAD MXR Flanger, UAD SSL Channel Strip

2.8 is incredibly slow compared to current top CPU’s. Mine is clocked all 8 at 4.9. Previously I had a 3.8 4 core. 1 instance of Avenger, quite a heavy synth, could easily max out a core, making it useless. I tried every tweak I could find. I had no option but to upgrade. Which would of been easier. My new build is silent, goes super tight and at no stress to itself, many tracks. I love it.

Build it yourself. Go PC. Get more for less.

Thanks for getting back - that clarifies. I love macs, but to get a new one is definitely very expensive compared to a PC. Currently, my system can’t handle the types of projects I’m running.

Any recommendations on solid PC?


I can’t recommend anything, I’'ve always built my own.

If you’re wanting super tight latency, that’s one of the main places the new i7 wins over the old. It’s fast. It’s real cores. In audio production that’s what matters. No amount of slow cores are going to give you what you need.

I’ve got a similar issue with UAD Culture Vulture, i would not be 100% certain that it’s Cubase…try removing one by one UAD plugin.