Performance issue with condensed score

Dear fellow Doricians,
I just ran into a performance issue with condensed score, and used the same fix we learned with system track… I am working on editing a famous violin concerto and thought it would be the ideal material to try the condensing function. And indeed, it does work beautifully. But the problem I had was that if I use my keyboark shortcut to increase/decrease resolution (keys 1 and 2), every stroke would take 5 to 8 seconds to take effect!
Closing all the tabs of the condensed full score, keeping only the non condensed full score on screen, saving, closing and reopening gave me the natural reactivity with the grid resolution. I hope this will help!

If you have a single tab containing the full score, switching it to galley view should provide a similar improvement, because Dorico shouldn’t be keeping the condensed view up-to-date in the background. Condensing is very computationally expensive, which is why I would advise switching it on at or near the end of the editing process.

Thanks Daniel. This is a very wise advice that I will follow!
Nevertheless, it is worth noting that if I change the grid resolution “by hand”, I mean with the mouse, changing the rhythmic grid directly on the bottom left panel, the change is much faster. It leads me to think that maybe there’s some room for improvement here (but I might as well be totally wrong).