Performance issue


I just wanted to know if someone have found efficient workarounds about Dorico slowness.
In fact, there is some irritating latency (between each note you enter) with a simple Modern Orchestra template.

I’d would like to know why because I’m abble to orchestrate in a decent way in MuseScore : full score in front of me with no latency.
Is there a performance boost planned for the next update ?

Thank you !


Do you have Edit/Condensing turned on? That typically slows things down so if you are using it, wait until you reach the editing stage to turn it on.

What type of system are you using? There was a Dorico Performance Benchmark thread that was recently active. How do your numbers compare?

Condensing turned off.
Tested on two computers, same result.
One is a 12-core 2,66 with 32 Go RAM and SSD.
Again, I dont think the computer is the problem since MuseScore 3.6.2 runs without laggy interface…

Latency (about 0.25s) increase with smaller note values and more staves.
Change the pitch of a note (in the Rite of Spring posted on this forum) and latency becomes a problem.

I’ve seen other posts / reviews speaking about Dorico slowness then I think I’m not alone.
I search for solutions…

Any tips appart from writing for each section at a time after having saved the layout and restarted Dorico ?

Looking forward to reading you !

Thank you !

I’m just going to quote Paul, as I can’t put it better:

From what I understand, you’re trying to run Dorico on a machine that was powerful, what, eight years ago? I can’t find an exact comparison at Mac Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser but the fact of the matter is that things have come along quite a way in computing terms in the past decade.

…and things have improved since Dorico 3.0, certainly, and Dorico 3.0 had performance improvements over 2.0 (with the exception of condensing). There’s a limit to what Dorico can improve in speed without compromising in terms of what appears on the page/screen.

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I see.
Then do you think this would be the same problem with MuseScore 4 using the last Qt ?
I still dont understand why my MuseScore is so fast compared to Dorico.

No, I wouldn’t, because MuseScore doesn’t perform collision avoidance or casting off or note spacing or anything else in the same way. Qt is irrelevant.

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Did you know if I could deactivate something to limit latency in Dorico ?
Thank you taking the time to answer my question by the way.

You should find Galley View faster than Page View, for editing notes, I believe.
If you’re working on a file with multiple flows, at least historically Dorico was faster if the Layout Option was set to have each flow starting on a new page.
And if you have multiple tabs (different layouts) open, close the ones you’re not using.

In gallery it takes 4s for Dorico to input 8 triples croches. As far as they appear the measure extend. I suspect each note make recalculate the whole thing but how to avoid that ?

Same thing with oboe 4 part only.
I think the “save layout and restart to boost performance” could be solutionned by the team. No ?
In that scenario editing string section would only recalculate local gallery section score … Is there another solution ? Fingers crossed !

After entering more and more notes, restarted Dorico with oboe4 part on the screen latency becomes ok.
I dont understand … But it seems to work. Maybe not with 400 bars completed… who know ? Very strange…

Thank you.