Performance issues in C11

Hi there,
I’m having a big issue in Cubase since a few weeks. I’m on a big audiovisual project with video and a lot of Kontakt & synth instruments.
I have a lot of drops in this project and I can see the performance meter :

  • The Average is really high level, very closed to the maximum
  • The two other are low especially “Disk Cache” which is mostly null
    I think my configuration should support the charge as I’m running on a W10 sytem with AMD Ryzen 7 (1800X) and 64 Go of RAM. My Soundcard is a Babyface (RME).
    When I’m running the music with the video I’m using almost 70% of CPU on W10 (vs 56% when stopping) and the RAM is used at 65%.
    Why is it dropping ? Do you have any recommandations ?
    Here is my release : Cubase 11.0.1
    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards,

Where are your ASIO buffers at. You can bring down any computer if your Audio buffer settings are to low to handle it. Latest Win10 KB’s have introduced both audio and video stuttering on some systems.
The guilty updates should be KB5001330 and KB5000842.
But again only on some systems, I have no issues on my computers YMMV.

Hi Peakae
Thanks for these solutions.
My buffer size is 512 samples I think it’s the max I can do if I want to play without any inconvenient in playing VSTi.
I had a look on the Win10 KB’s and in fact I have these but I think the problem was already there before the update… I will try but not sure.
Thank you for sharing.

Yes 512 samples is not a small buffer size, I was hopping it was 32, that would have been an easy fix.
Have you the possibility to Freeze tracks that are finished ?
(I know tracks are newer finished :slight_smile:
But You may have reached the limit of what your computer can handle.
Then there is the Computer hardware, most important the BIOS, is it updated, does RAM run in XMP or the AMD equivalent. Is Windows in Performance mode or Balanced. Any Anti Virus running. ? MS own is fine, but I exclude any Steinberg directories and my Project folders.
Automatic Hitpoint Detection in Cubase preferences can be turned off if You don’t need it, just do it manually when needed.
What Samplerate are you working in, 96k does require a lot more than 48k.
Sorry if you already know these things, I’m just trying to give you some inspiration to what to look for.

Thanks Peakae,
There are a lot of things I’ve already checked but not all I think. I will check that in a few days. Right now I have so much stuff.
Come back soon :wink: