Performance issues in large templates

Hey, first of all apologies in advance if my question seems naive - I am still learning how to optimize my resources with Cubase.

I have a large template, with all the instruments unloaded and tracks frozen. Any unused instrument is disables.

The only thing running is audio effects on the tracks (EQs, reverbs, Tape simulations)

I keep having awful audio drops and huge performance issues, however my memory usage is extremely low (I have 60% of my memory unused).

The issue is there even if I disable all the plugins and reverbs.

My PC is a Intel(R) Core™ i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz with 64Gb RAM running on SSD.


How about grouping and routing? Are those disabled tracks grouped together with live tracks and so on?
Amount of memory doesn’t really help, it is highly depends on how long the longest chain of a active/live track in use.

Hey thanks Takashi.

Yes - three are a lot of groups and buses.

The Violins for instance (10 separate frozen track with EQ and Tape Simulations) are routed on 2 buses (string short and long) and each bus has 2 separate reverbs which are then routed to the master.

Just to reiterate it, the tracks are ALL FROZEN and ALL ISNTRUMENTS unloaded. I only occasionally unfreeze one instrument to modify the midi programming.

Also all the plugins are disabled, but still, I get a stutter.

And that is repeated for the entire orchestra.