"Performance issues with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X and 3990X"

is there any official statement on this issue from steinberg? Will it be fixed with Cubase 12?
I also do have a threadripper 3970x which has some poor performance with Cubase and after 20 years of using Cubase am finally thinking about stepping away to another DAW because of this issue.

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Well did you try turning off SMT though?

Yes, SMT is disabled. At least I can use ASIO Guard with SMT disabled and thus performance gets a little better.
My previous machine, bought 10 years ago, was a 16-core XEON E2687W and compared to this I do only have a 10% increase of performance, if at all. Thats quite disappointing as the 3970x is usually one hell of a CPU.

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C12; “The audio engine now supports high-core-count CPUs (AMD Threadripper with up to 128 logical cores).”

Just fyi…