Performance load issue


Recently… I have a high performance load in cubase 7.5
Because of this… cubase cant handle my project and it crackels most of the time.

I just used 3 fx and 3 plugins… thats not much. I used to use much more fx and plugins in my projects.
Even when i switch off these fx and plugins… its still has a high performance load.
Something is eating a lot of power.

My system used to work like powerhorse.

any advice on this ?

Laptop windows 10
Intel core I5 6200 CPU
@2.30 Ghz

ram 8mb
64bit system

it sounds like something has changed with your computer, most likely some drivers. I would recommend to use this program:

see if you have decent latency, most likely the problem drivers will be listed here and you can try to either upgrade to newer drivers - or downgrade to older drivers and get back to business :slight_smile: