performance mac

hi i have a mac computer with a i7 intel 2.8 ghz and 12gb memory to a lot of people that,s a lot of power
at the moment i,am running cubase 6.5.3 ant overall it runs nice but still there are moments when i have drop outs
when load a preset or when i have new project with a instrument ant start playing some keys for the first time
what i see is the cpu meter spiking from 0 to 100 %

i now a whey how to solve the problem explained in the writing down bud i want to avoid that is there a other whey please help ant please don,t say install windows on you mac i love my mac and the os x i didn’t buy a mac to put windows on it i have seen some post of people saying windows is better ant people ho work with both mac and pc saying it,s quite the same evan in some situations mac is better there pro-belly some situation where pc has the upper hand still i think that cubase is really made for the pc on the the other hand also the growth of people ho use a mac using cubase increasing from amateur to pro users i hope that steinberg can close the gap between pc ant mac computer when it comes to performance or make it so that the performance is better than ever!!

a thing that really helps ant i think salves the problem is disabling spotlight (the search engine with in the os x)
how you do this is go to system preferences ant go to spotlight click the menu bar privacy normally this an empty list you can ad things to the list by clicking the plus menu under the empty list it will give you the uppotunarty to search on you computer so search for macintosh HD if you found it click on the icon now the macintosh is edit to the list
if you want to go back uncheck it by clicking on Macintosh HD ant then clicking the minus menu under the list
when you dun this you will hear you HD rumbling the sound when you HD is searching for something in this situation it is it,s indexing the files again so it makes it easier to search for files
i also want to say that disabling spotlight you can,t search for files or programs using spotlight or use al my files in the finder page you can also choose specific files you what to disable leaving files you use with spotlight
this trick slightly enhances the overall speed of cubase