Performance meter pulsating while not playing

Goes from about 3/4 into RED. Like a heartbeat. Goes from 75% to 100%green and then RED. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub… like that.

C10.0.60Pro W10.

My initial suspicion would be some plug-in with an LFO on it.

What happens in a totally empty Project - no Tracks at all.

Can’t think of anything. I had to remove a few heavy plugins (reverb, distortion etc… nothing with any kind of LFO that I’m aware of) and rid of a few group tracks to unload the project, pulsation stopped.

I noticed this happens a lot when I just barely overload the project. It plays, but hiccups. Even when you stop it’s still hiccupping deep inside.

Cpu spikes is usually related to latency problem. Try to to stop, any unecessary driver, application, service and process and see with it’s ok.
If you use control room try without any plugin inserted on it.
Last, lower buffer size a little bit.

This is a long standing issue - I regularly see it on a Mac.

I’ve a suspicion one suspect for this is caused by using warped audio in a session.

Heavily warped and edited / chopped parts can cause the audio engine to freak out with unpredictable playback - never the same twice or with continual crackles and dropouts, and I’ve also occasionally had sessions where playback just stops in particular places. In these cases bouncing the audio down to a new file ALWAYS fixes the issue - so it obviously is warping / editing that’s causing it.

I’m not sure that warped audio is always the cause of this happening - I see it so often I’ve given up worrying about it until it causes playback issues.

Just a thuoght - did you check on CPU power saving activated, especially C-states?

I don’t think it was that although it may be. I think it’s just asio overload. Removing plugins, group tracks helps.