Performance Meter


Just gor Cubase 6 but jumped from 4.5 and I cant seem to get the seperate perfomance meter to appear. I know there is the liitle one on the transport and you can enable the toolbar one but has the sperate floating one gone?

It may have gone in 5 but I have never used that so wouldnt know.


F12 as usual.

Yeah that sthe problem when using F12 or via the Devices menu its not apperaing. i assumed it had got hidden behid the project window or mixer window etc.

I have moved all of those about and its not there either?

hi remote are you using dual monitors ?


Triple monitors but I have it set up so I can go to just the main monitor, which i have done and its still not anywhere.

I just did that and loaded one of the project templates that come with in (dance one) thinking that will be a basic setup and it still the same issue??

Very weird.

ive just opened the dance template and its there but it is over on the right hand side , have you checked all the perimeter as sometimes it can get caught right on the egde if you have disabled your multi screen , other then that i can’t help you sorry !



That was freaky I just checked to the right as you said and there was probably about a 2 pixel width bit of something showing. It just took me the last 5 minutes to be able to grab it to pull it back into view?!?!

At least once you had all said it should be there I wasnt just thinking that C6 had got rid of it.

Anyway all sorted thanks for your help!

after all i am the freak :laughing:
glad to help


One thing to consider if you are looking for something you can’t find is that Cubase will add scroll bars if you “go out of bounds.” If you are not used to using them though, having something disappear off screen can be a bit disconcerting!