'Performance Panel' - similar in Cubase soon..?

Nice stuff they are doing at Mixcraft…

Logic just got its version recently… am expecting the Steinberg elves to be cooking up something likewise for us - in Cubase 11…? :slight_smile:


Looks a lot like Ableton with some improvements. I like how you can ‘record the performance’ and it arranges all the clips into the arrange window. That is something I don’t think you can even do in Ableton.

I’m not a big loop user but if you’re using loops, this seems like a more fun way to do it. Most of my beatmaking students would like something like this.

This is definitely a fun feature request. Even though I wouldn’t use it myself, I like it and I think lots of people would use it. All the kids seem to just want to use loops these days and either get Ableton or Logic. It should be in the Cubase elements version as well though as less pro users are going to use it I think.

Also, if they do this, they should do the gapless audio engine thing too. That way you could use it for DJing, gigs and live performances without worring about the audio cutting off if you add a plugin or a new instrument track.

  • 1000 ie ableton clip based arrangement

cubase needs this feature, to enric the creative process… i only want to use linear editing for tracking, comping and mixing. clips based works is a quick way to throw ideas together. think maschine/ maschine+


something similar is already in Cubase Artist and Pro it is the instrument Loop Mash, they can just develop it

and anyway anyone should be tempted to leave Cubase for Mixcraft this is a Question-answer in the comments of the video you posted
you cannot even split a note in the piano editor!!! :laughing:

Thanks for the many videos. How can I split a note(s) in a chord in the piano editor?

Mixcraft - Music Recording Software

Currently MIDI notes can’t be split, but we can certainly add that to the feature requests list! In the meantime, you can erase the note or trip it by clicking and dragging the end of the clip, then adding a new note!

it is something you could do 30 years ago in Cubase!!!

Personally, it’s not really how I like to make music and Cubase can host utilities/plugins that do do this.

Why not just work in the DAWs that are designed to do this and designed entirely around this loop protocol, rather than adding this into a program that is designed around this kind of workflow?

If there was something like this, I’d rather see it almost as an extension of MediaBay where you can preview layers of loops, sort of like a MediaBay shopping list which you can then drag into the project.

Yes.! And they did develop it further, with LoopMash 2 in this video here:-

It included the LoopMash FX module as well:-

But somehow, neither seem to have really caught on (as compositional or ‘remix’ tools) with the Cubase user base as far as I can tell. It certainly fell off my radar, after the first few fumblings with it many years ago…

However, I have to say having re-visited those videos above, LoopMash 2 does look like a really capable instrument - maybe its just the slightly clunky UI that had put me off. They could champion it more perhaps by describing it like you’d use Ableton clip scenes or Bitwig for example.

Ha.! No, no… there was nowhere I was remotely suggesting this should happen… :wink: