Performance peaks using Kontakt 6 in Cubase 12?

New PC, just built last week. Not even two weeks old. Works beautifully…however…I’m using Cubase 12.0.3 at the moment. Kontakt 6 is an issue here. When the Kontakt track is record armed, and either playing back midi or especially inputting midi, there’s horrible rapid Asio spikes. Unarming the track and then playing back does not present any issues. This actually seems to be the only issue I have with Cubase 12, other than this, it works fine.

After using 12 for a while, I installed C11. This issue is not happening in Cubase 11.

Was any possible solution ever found for this? I searched through the many threads about C12 performance issues, but a solution might be buried in the many results that come through searching.

Windows 11
Main drive is a 1 TB Western Digital SSD
Kontakt samples are all on a 2 TB Samsung SSD

I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but might be worth asking – have you tested this with multi-processing turned off in Kontakt, and turned on in Cubase?

I just tried this, right at this moment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the issue.

Though, I will note that upon trying to turn multiprocessing back on, Kontakt notes that enabling this feature in both the VSTi and DAW (Cubase, in this instance, obviously) can lead to problems.

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