Performance problem with Watchfolders

I have a performance problem with watch folders and I hope anyone can help me with that or confirm that he has had similar experiences.
Currently we a testing and already using watch folder for a lot of batch processing in our company. our batches often contain several hundred to thousand short audio files.

The batch processing and the related plugins chains work well with the internal WaveLab processing but as soon as we start to use them in watch folders,the process starts to get very slow. the system utilization also seems to be decreasing.

We have a similar problem as soon as UAD plugins are involved. It is clear to me that the UAD plugins are not entirely unproblematic due to the external DSP, but the whole thing works reasonably well. also the hyperthreading seem to work. But here, too, the performance drops massively as soon as everything runs in a watch folder.

At the moment we are running wavelab on a current macbook pro with i9 processor and 32 gb ram and mac os 10.14.6. that should be more than sufficient or?

I would be grateful for any tip or advice


I guess you are using a recent WaveLab version (>= 10.0.40), because there was a performance issue with rendering UAD in WaveLab 10.0.0

This being said, do you experiment the same performance issue, if you run the batch from within WaveLab, rather than through a watch folder?

Also, if you run a batch processor with multiple cores (this is a batch processor) setting, then maybe you reach a bottleneck with the UAD resources?