Performance Problem?

First of all, these is my first post in steinberg forum. I’ve searched for information about my problem on the forum but i haven’t get any, even i don’t find information at the knowledge Base, so i open these new topic.
I’ve recently bought a Macbook Pro, the new one from feb 2011, i7 2,2 with the AMD Raedon HD 6470M 1024 Mb. 4Gb RAM in Main Board and a 500 Gb HDD 7200 RPM. It’s been actualized to OS X 10.6.7 and Cubase to 5.5.3 Build 651.
But if i import sound from a CD (44.1 16bit 4 minutes p.e.) Cubase Shows performance problems to play it?
I mean the CPU perfomance bar its low but it’s almost all time clipping, and scratches are heared. I use the Built-In Audio Card, but well i think that souldn’t be the problem isn’t it?
I think i miss something!
How i have to configure the system? Its really neccesary configure anything with the performance of these computer?
Any help should be wellcome

Humm… It seems with the MOTU, don’t have that problem (as i spect of course) but with my powerbook and cubase 4.5 i can do that things with the buit-in card without problem.

You might have an improvement if you download a different ASIO driver. I googled for “free ASIO driver osx” and saw plenty of choices. I don’t use a MAC so I don’t know if that will fix it but it seems like a good place to start.
Hope this Helps.

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did an upgraded audio card fix your performance issues?

mikelimi, a follow up to your problems would be nice!