Performance Techniques and Lines

Firstly, congratulations on all the hard work and the brilliant result.

Seeing the Continuation Lines in Playing Techniques, I got to wondering whether I could use the lines without any text. Creating an ‘empty’ PT whose text is just a hard space, works, but I’m wondering if I’ve missed another method.

One quirk: If I press on a select PT, to invoke the popver, and then press to close the popover, I get a duplicated PT. Is that intentional?

Screenshot 16.png
Screenshot 15.png

Yes, when we added the ability to edit items via the popover by selecting them and hitting Return a while ago, we noted the peculiarity with playing techniques in the Version History at the time. It’s a bit awkward to delete the existing one, so you end up with another one. I’m sure we’ll come back to this in the future.

As for cheating your way to lines and arrows using empty playing techniques, I’m not aware of any other method.