Performance test of Cubase6 & Cubase7

This is my test about Cubase’s performance

when I run 15 Styluses in Cubase6 & Cubase7
obviously ,the Cubase7’s performance had crashed but Cubase6 ran well
the most interesting thing is , at that time the CPU usage was below 25% !!!

how could Cubase 7 so weak???

OS:Win7 64bit
cpu:intel core-i7

What are your system specs?
Did you have ASIO Gaurd enabled on the Stylus tracks?

Its not about his system, its Cubase 7 Performance that makes trouble!

Memory requirements, i.e. RAM have increased with C7, and to a lesser extent CPU.

This is to be expected to allow a more stable (and functional) DAW environment.

How do you know this?
There are settings in Cubase 7 not available in Cubase 6. The OP has not indicated that these settings are being used.
Also, is this on a PC or MAC? Do you know this? Performance has varied across platforms, it would be good to know how this translates in this situation.

My Cubase’s ASIO Gaurd is always disabled

Buy a new system.