Performance vs Size

Looking for opinions here. I need to determine which laptop is a better fit for Cubase 8 Elements. I have a 13" MacBook Pro, i7, 16gb ram and a 500gb SSD but I have access to a 17" MacBook Pro, Core2Duo, 8gb ram and a 500 gb SSD plus 1TB SSHD (hybrid drive),
Here’s my question. The 13" screen is pretty cramped and I would love having that 17" screen to work with. BUT, am I giving up too much performance by going to the slower processor, 1/2 the ram. Not to mention giving up the extra 1TB drive.
I don’t want to run into performance problems but how bad can it be? Both these machines are maxed out so there’s nothing I can do to upgrade them. So 13" performance or 17" eye strain relief? Thanks for your opinions.

Can you test both? It all depends on what you want to use the platform for. I suppose that for plain audio recording the 17" would suffice, due to the larger storage. In case you plan to run many VSt instruments and FX, the smaller system with better specs would be better. Another solution could be to use the 13" and attach a larger second monitor when better visuals are needed.

Hope this helps…

Agree with VinnieD. Why not buy a larger monitor and connect. Monitors are cheap these days, also with IPS panels and bigger resolutions.