Performance Win 8.1 vs Win 10

Hi guys,

never change a running system is the reason why I never upgraded to windows 10, but now some software suppliers like WAVES don’t support Windows 8.1 anymore, so I guess it is time to upgrade.

Any experience on Win 10 vs 8.1 is Cubase as performant as under 8.1?
Best, Chris

To be honest I was concerned about it, but as my C drive SSD was only 250gig and full I bought a 500 Gig version of the same drive and upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1. If anything things are a little better and more stable. I certainly don’t notice any CPU issues - it runs just fine. Plus I am now able to upgrade a fair amount of software that has abandoned 8.1.

Sounds great, we have exactly the same CPU. I also run a 5960X CPU with 32 GB RAM. Are you maxing out the ASIO performance yet? I noticed, while Cubase sometimes struggles the taks manager shows me only 20% cpu usage. :slight_smile: So I guess I won’t gain a massive amount of performance if I would update the cpu.