Performer cannot log in

Cubase 10.5 Connect 4 se

Performer cannot log in. Very carefully registered and checked mysteinberg log in details - proved it is correct by logging into mysteinberg account.
He always gets report to enter username and password each time he enters it!!

We are both using version 4 0 41 215
We both tried switching off firewalls

I’m on Mac Catalina - he’s on Mac Mojave

Any ideas gratefully received - thanks in advance.


There was a note about ampersands ‘&’ in the user name or password breaking login- not sure if that’s still the case, but this would be worth checking.

see Steinberg Forums

also use the ID login - more more straightforward

Steve’s post here show’s how

Yes, thanks dr. Another thing to note about the name/pass login is that if a user disconnects without a clean logout, eg, due to a crash, the user remains logged in for a period of time, so the user/pass can’t be used. Fortunately, the NAME/KEY login does work.

do you mean name/key ? as that does something similar and that’s a pain - IIRC it’s fine if the performer crashes as they can just rejoin with the same code but if cubase/nuendo crashes you have to unload/reload the performer plug. Still find that method more straightforward though.

I seem to recall the same thing using NAME/KEY- or sometimes the name on the crashed machine would have to be changed… either way, yes, the Id login method always works.

suspect it’s politics keeping the Steinberg login active - I’d just remove it - it’s badly labelled as it is… although I’d also add some kind of “admit” button before the performer can actually connect to your camera… look at the security issues that zoom is having at the moment :slight_smile:

plus not totally convinced that the password is being saved in the .ini file in a very secure manner either (suspect that’s where the & password problem stems from too)