Performer cant hear VST instrument playback

Performer can’t hear the VST instrument playback my end, but can hear the audio tracks playing back. The vst instrument is going to stereo out - same as audio tracks - so can’t figure out quite how this works! any clues gratefully received : )

Have you turned the ‘Cue’ on for the Instrument track? The one the (VST CUE Connect) plugin is added too.

Ah - thank you. Yes, cue vst connect for vst instrument not switched on.

In VST connections - Cue (VST connect) is not connected to any output or virtual channel - this is correct setting?

I know it’s a little counter intuitive, but that is correct.l :blush:

Both VST Connect Input Channel and VST Connect Cue in Control Room are not connected. While that may seem counter-intuitive, when you think about it, it’s such that the Input Channel ‘hardware’ input is replaced by the Performer signal coming in, and the Cue ‘hardware’ output is the signal going out to the Performer.

Yes indeed and thank you. I only meant in regard to a typical use case for connecting ins and outs.

Thanks both very much for help - much appreciated:)

sure, got it :slight_smile: