Performer not hearing playback

my performer and I both upgraded to the latest versions (he Performer and me VST Connect Pro) on Monday but were unable to make a connection. We’ve worked together well in the past. Perhaps it was a momentary server error? We set up another session for today but as he had a minute yesterday we thought we’d try to see if the connection worked. We tested, everything worked fine, see you tomorrow.
When we connected today he was getting no sound. Nothing seems to have changed on my end and he says nothing was changed on his. We both see faders moving on both ends so there is a connection. He did mention that in the past when I hit play, the Play light on his panel lit up and he could see the counters turning. This time it didn’t light up and no counters.
I’ve checked the set-up on my end and everything seems to be in order. Went through the troubleshooting in the manual but didn’t find anything that seemed to apply to this case.
Any ideas? Driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance.
P.s. of course these things always happen Friday evening, no assistance until Monday.

Are you using 4.0.45? A similar bug has been fixed with that version. see which also gives quite a bunch of hints and troubleshooting tips.
The bug in question could be worked around by reconnecting several times.
When you play back, do you see the VST Connect plugin cue meters move? They should. Likewise, the “Studio” meters of the Performer Monitor mixer should show that same signal. If there is a signal there, it should also be present in the Performer “Master” channel, make sure this is assigned a hardware output for the Performers’ interface.

Were you able to confirm you’re on the version mentioned by musi?

I just got off a phone call with the help center. The fix was to turn off the control room and turn it back on again. Incredible but true. I guess I could have thought of that one but didn’t.
And yes, both the performer and Connect pro versions are the same 4.0.45.

Great :grin:

Strange. Did you try “Repair VST Connect” before?

I probably did but I couldn’t swear by it.