Performer talkback?

So I’m in the middle of configuring a remote session and we have connectivity between sites; this particular session is for a bassist; direct plugged into a small 2-input Persons AudioBox USB interface.

How do I get voice/talkback audio back to the studio from the performer?

  1. Can I use a computer Mic input; separate from the AudioBox interface? Will it work this way?

  2. Do I have to set up a mic on one of the AudioBox input channels?

It would be great if I could do option 1; leaves a stereo input for recording.


In the Performer (Monitor) Mixer, on top of the “mic” channel (1st audio chennel, it may be named differently) select an audio hardware input where the players’ mic is connected. If you only want to record bass but not the Performers’ mic, disengage the red record enable button in your (Studio) “Record” section (above the Performer Monitor mixer).

No, that won’t work as ASIO requires one Interface, otherwise you would have trouble to synchronise 2 devices unless both provide for hardware sync (like wordclock). On OSX there may be provision to combine inputs from different devices, but again even if you succeeded you’d get clicks and pops due to missing audio clock sync. The Performer should be able to connect any mic to the AudioBox I guess.

Yes, that’s what I meant :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s not possible with a 2 input device and as said you can’t mix with other devices.
So you’re left with mono recording (should be ok for bass?). If your interface features more inputs, with VST Connect SE you can record up to 2 stereo sources, with the PRO version up to 16 stereo sources.

That’s the ticket; thanks!