Performer to Engineer audio breakups

The engineer is experiencing audio breakups when the performer is sending audio signals. We both have high speed internet via Comcast. We both have Intel i5 processors and 8gb of ram. We both have the same model audio interface and have our settings equal. We are using a 48k sampling rate and a buffer size of 32. We increased the buffer size and still experiences the audio break up. The audio and video up stream are the same set at 320 audio and 64 video. When the engineer sends his audio signal (Vocals and Music) the performer is not having any drops and hears everything smooth and clear. When the Performer sends his signal (Vocals and Music) to engineer, the engineer is having audio breakups. He experiences between 8 to 10 audio breaks in 30 second span. In the beginning of each connection we have about 10 minutes with no problems. We need help with correcting this problem.

First off, 32 samples buffer size is truly ambitious. On the engineer side, when recording with VST Connect, the buffer size is irrelevant, so you might want to try to set it higher (256 minimum). For the Performer, buffer size will determine the delay he experiences when listening to his own audio input(s) (mic, instr), but I guess it should be no lower than 128. Even with the fastest computers there is a limit to how low you can go with buffer size because of OS reaction times.
Secondly, pls. try to raise the “Remote Latency” setting in the VST Connect plugin (click the gear-wheel), try 2 seconds for instance. Does that help? If not, pls let us know if the hiccups the engineer experiences are during chatting (Cubase transport not started), or recording/playback, or both.

I’m sorry for just now getting back to you. We have been very busy. We followed your instructions and we had success temporarily. The engineer is now back to experiencing hiccups. He has set the “Remote Latency” and it appeared to fix the problem for about 2 hours after the instructions you gave me. Now it is continuing to do the same hiccups as before. We have struggled with this to no continued success.

We’d need more information. As it appears to work in general, something seems to happen on either system that causes hiccups.
a) did you change anything?
b) did you try to re-connect after the hiccups came back?
c) what are the systems involved, PC/Mac, audio hardware, latency (blocksize) settings etc
d) …you know you must not activate constrain delay compensation…
e) …and that ASIO Guard should be off…
…if you read the manual :slight_smile:
Good luck anyways!