Performing live with Cubase

Hi, for the last two years or so I have been working in an electronic duo and have used Cubase as both my DAW and my live sequencer. It has been an absolute revelation to me the power and flexibility of Cubase. I now run the whole live show including video projection from Cubase! I was wondering if there is anyone knows if there is a forum anywhere dedicated to this as I would like to gain as much knowledge about this.

oo. looks like I have posted a similar question to you. Are you able to enlighten me as to what you know already? I don’t have much time to sort my first music+video gig out!

Yes of course. I use audio, midi and instruments tracks for each song. I then create and arrange region for each song so I can use the arranger track to choose a song order (as this varies depending on how long our set is etc). I import the videos and line them up with each song as required. I connect a projector an use the video player to protect in full screen mode. The only problem I had was that when one song ended and the next started the new video would not start . So my work around is as follows: I created a keyboard short cut (M) to select next arrange event and as long as I hit the M key before the end of the song, Cubase goes to the next arrange region and the related video starts perfectly. I have to check that my arrange region start and ends a few bars before a after the song.I hope this makes sense and helps! good luck! Feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanks so much for your time.
Did you just ‘extend the desktop’ onto the projector like when doing a dual monitor setup or is there a more basic/sensible way?

Sorry I forgot to mention that the ‘Full Screen” option is on right mouse click when your mouse tool is hovering over the video window. You can configure your screen setting in your preferences. I use a Macbook.

Thanks again!
I might get back in touch if i struggle

When I connect my projector my Macbook automatically creates a second screen. I move the video on to the second screen and then select ‘full screen mode’. The video then fills the whole screen, I have to be careful that when I’m using my mouse I don’t accidentally move it on to the video!!!

Alright, This thread is 4 years old, but picking it up and hope to se a response :slight_smile:. I have been using the arranger and video just as you describe. Unfortunately now, the video stops when going to the next arranger event. Switching arranger track with my hotkey is not helping. I have to stop the song after it ends, then go to the next one, to get the video working. I would like to do like you, be able to continue seamlessly between songs. Help appreciated. Using 7.5. And a Macbook Pro.

I using modul8 and cubase trigged all the tracks of modul via virtual midi. Let me know if you want to see more

Thx for the tip!
Downloaded the demo of Modul8. How do you sync it up with Cubase?