Performing Notes

I recently came across this post about performing notes and seeing that Dorico have a keen focus on layout, perhaps this will be a walk in the park? Another way to ask is whether or not we will be depended apon an external program to handle these kinds of tasks.

Yes, it should be easy to put this kind of layout together in Dorico. Each of your little snippets could be its own flow, or it could be a succession of bars in a single flow, and you can either have independent music frames, each set to show a different flow, or you could create a single music frame chain, just wide enough for one bar, and have the music from one flow flow through the various frames in the chain. Adding the text will hopefully be as easy as adding a series of text frames and choosing an appropriate paragraph style.

At the moment, in our development builds of Dorico, this is all absolutely possible except for the choice of paragraph style in the text frames, which we are planning to work on very soon.