Performing with external synths, Clip Launch method!

How would one record a full live performance of external synths that are being triggered by MIDI tracks inside Cubase ?
My setup was like this:

I created 3 midi tracks , programmed some midi data and then i routed all midi info to the external synths (pre prepared in external synths section)
All good until the point where you want to record a full performance .
I open Reaper , created a stereo track and internally routed the output of Cubase to Reaper . But! This doesnt allow me to change individually what i did, Ableton does.
I know the Arrangement method, is not the same.

The way Ableton does this is very intuitive, musical and appeals to live music creation. Touching knobs ,faders…

Are there any plans for Cubase to be able to do such thing ?

What’s this got to do with Clip Launch, is this because clip Launch was mentioned in a facebook group as a potential new feature in Cubase 13?
Cubase is more intuitive than that, all you need to do if your recording external synths is record the incoming signal via audio track input, that’s it, that simple

The clip launch in Ableton allows you to launch clips of MIDI do External Instruments and record that “jam”, “improvisation”, “musical sequence” whatever you want to call it, into a full sequence that you can later edit to your own taste. Even add more things done Live.

For me, as a musician makes more sense than editing and creating music using the mouse and making notes here and there.

You can see this as a plus to cubase users. If you dont use it, let other be able to :smiley:

If ALL the other Daw’s have this feature why should Cubase implement it , you seem to show great love for Ableton so use Ableton for this feature instead of clogging up Cubase with the same old stuff , let them be the pioneers . Cubase is Cubase and not Ableton . you now have LIVE which has clip launch btw

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I could say many things about your answer but i´ll just ignore it.

Question 1 … Answered

Yes, you can do that BUT,
The problem is if you create MIDI events to trigger the external synths you need some way of recording the full performance into a separate timeline because the one being used with the loop point will not serve the purpose.

Ahh now i understand , what about trying to record as ‘Lanes’ , ? you would be able to record the whole session on one track that way ?

Also , i thought it was possible but might take a bit more investigating if it would work but ive just found this


I cant seem to replicate that behaviour using the arrangement functions.
The cursor always goes to the arranger event, makes it impossible to doa continuous performance and record the audio from the synths.

If this worked it would be very similar to scene launching (Ableton, Bitwig, etc). The only problem is not having a continuous audio recording of the performance, thats why i used another daw ( Reaper) to record the audio in the first place.

Cubase absolutely need the “clip/scene launch feature” u find in Bitwig and Ableton. Thats why Bitwig/Ableton is the NEW Studio standard DAW for the new generation of producers.
if Steinbers was smart, their should done this back in 2015, …

Now ca 90% of New DAW users, are using Ableton, mostly because of the clip/scene feature! And now Bitwig is entering the marked as the new “Ableton”…
If Streinberg dosent do annything anout this, steinberg will lose marked share, to be more irrelevant for consumers, aint good for business…

Forget the feelings from old-school Linjer cubase users, clip/scene launch feature is absolutely a big feature for future users base, and clip/scene feature is NOT only for EDM music, u can use this for everything!
Pesonaly im using Bitwig now for 6 month now, and i work both in Scene mode and linjer mode, super fast and easy… After 22 years in Cubase, i actually enjoy using Bitwig…

“why implementing new feature you ask”
Ist about making MONEY! its a business. Stay up to date, or become irrelevant…
yes for now Cubase got the Varioaudio and nice Wav editing, but trust med, Ableton and Bitwig are working on the same feature…

if Stenberg eventually just wants to be a niche product for the “film composers” and the “guitar heros”, to be the “girl next door” to Protools, be my guest, i dont care.
After 22 years in Cubase, i worked in Bitwig for the last 6 months now, and do the same stuff in the same speed in Bitwig,
Of course, stil doing vocals in Cubase :woozy_face: :man_facepalming:

But now its just the matter of time, that Ableton, and especially Bitwig gets the same advance Wav/audio editing like Cubase…

Personally, if Cubase dont implement clip/scene feature in Ver 13 i think im done whit Cubase, all my new songs from 2022 are in Bitwig…
“So why go back to Cubase?” Thats MY question now!!

My intention with this post is not to bash on steinberg. I admire their work and what they did for the music industry.
The workflow is amazing, very musical, it’s totally the daw I like to use for music creation but I really think the clip add would make it even more practical for live performance and live music creation.
Creating a song structure from a live performance using external Synths is what I would like to do.