perfromance issues


I’m surprised of how Dorico’s overall performance seems to be greatly affected when more than one document is open at the same time.
Things like selecting/copying/pasting between documents is really very laggy.

Also, in my current document, inserting a playing technique is a painful experience.
notifyPostCommandExecute: NoteInput.CreatePlayingTechnique?Definition=pizz&UseLocalOverride=0 (4279 ms)

That’s really very slow.
I’m on a 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7 but still…

I’m concerned.


Very slow, and I work with 64 GB of Ram….

Yan, octogesa, are you experiencing this on a Mojave or later macOS? I’m on macOS Mojave 10.14.5… I wonder if it’s OS-specific.

Windows 10

octogesa, that settles it then… It’s not OS-specific, good to know.

let me add that I’m talking about work in gallery view, no condensing etc.
And I already read all the posts about how to speed things up.
I don’t believe at all it’s system specific


Try setting the playback template to Silence for both projects. Every time you switch between projects, Dorico ditches and reloads the playback engine.

unfortunately all my projects are already set to silence playback…

Out of interest, which Intel Core i7 are you running? Number of cores is typically the issue rather than the speed of the individual core. You only need to look at my footer to see what direction I’ve taken (and this 8-core monster is running like Mo Farah).

Well I have 4 cores in a 2014 machine…
I know there is better, but still that should be enough to handle one document in one app only.
If I have 2 documents open, it’s a nightmare to go back and forth to exchange/edit data.
I’m not talking about huge documents here, 1mb at most…


I’d imagine that the team would be interested to see the file that’s lagging so badly - the one where entering “pizz” takes over four seconds. There may be something specific slowing it down that they’ve not seen before. If you can’t upload the project here, email it to daniel dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a link back to this thread.

I’ve also found Dorico 3 to be painfully slow and clearly it’s the software itself and not hardware since it’s slow on up to date hardware as well. Inserting a bar or moving notes around seems to force Dorico to re-draw the screen and that really should be faster. I would hope the next update to Dorico includes performance improvements.

eboats, there has to be more to it than that, given plenty of us are happily using Dorico 3 (with no noticeable lag) on a variety of hardware. Even my 2015 dual-core machine is fine for smaller projects.

You’ve also admitted in the past that you seldom work on orchestral projects, for example. Please do allow this to be discussed openly, Leo.

Luís, I’m certainly not trying to prevent people from discussing this issue. I’m just pointing out that Dorico 3 is not universally “painfully slow”, or for that matter “slower than Dorico 2”.

In my experience Dorico 3.x is generally faster than 2.x on all projects (from solo piano up to 80-staff orchestra.).

However there does seem to be a delay when entering a playing technique into the project for the first time. I guess there is some work adding the PT to the project’s internal database, and/or linking it to the project’s expression maps. This is a one-off - using the same PT again in the score is quick.

I’ve had the same experience. Either entering a pizz., for example, or getting Dorico to display a newly created playing technique in the PT panel takes several seconds. Subsequent iterations are much quicker.

BTW Leo, slightly OT and this is perhaps not the place to ask this but how are you experiencing the 16" MacBookPro? Any negative aspects?

Vaughan, aside from needing a USB adaptor in order to drive the Dorico dongle (and/or Stream Deck/MIDI keyboard etc. - I have a cheap Anker thing), I don’t have many complaints, but I haven’t spent long enough with it to give a definitive answer.

One thing I will say is that with default (macOS) settings the battery life isn’t anywhere near advertised. My experience yesterday was that I would have been lucky to get four hours out of it. I think I was running Dorico (one project: a song cycle with three flows and only one layout, using NotePerformer 3.3), Outlook, a few Chrome tabs. Background helpers for Dropbox, Avid AppManager (ugh!) and maybe Greenshot (a screenshot thing). Without further testing I can’t blame this on Dorico, and it might be (given I was in a bright airport terminal) that it was largely due to screen brightness.

Thanks, Leo. Interesting. I’ve noticed that screen brightness can be a major contributor to battery life. I can also imagine that that extra inch makes quite a difference.

I don’t believe it’s a whole extra inch :wink: