Perhaps this is a bug or Im the bugger... so to speak

I find that there seems to be a lack of consistency in the edit window. Sometime when I hit return the cursor returns to the beginning but the view stays put. sometimes it takes my view back to the beginning

Another one is when is use Auto Select Under Cursor. I will go to the event and it does not highlight, other times it does. My first thought was I changed a key command but not the case. I am on Mac Studio M1 Ultra running Ventura 13.1. Should I go back to Rosetta?, reinstall?

My background is a 20 year ProTools HD and Ultimate user and I have Ableton and Logic installed. Which should not cause any conflict. I Love CB12 pro but need advice on what this could be. Thank you

I noticed this as well, when I return to home (beginning of the track) sometimes only cursor returns home but not the view. really odd, this behavior was not present in older version of cubase. does not happen all the time.

Thanks for the confirmation. Yep it’s random.

Is it by any chance the “suspend auto scroll” feature that you experience?

Thank you Johnny but don’t think that is it. just checked. Seems to be working for the time being. but the Auto Select Under Cursor is not selecting when I “B” or “N” to an event. Not the end of the world but it messes with my workflow. I appreciate your post, I will keep an eye on that suggestion thought

I have similar problems in Cubase 12. It’s definitely quirky and random but never been able to put my finger on it. Not had this happen in any previous versions, although I did skip 10 and 11 so not sure about those…

It’s not just me then. I was a bit embarrassed to admit it because there is a lot I don’t understand. But yes, sometimes it does one way then another.

Hey Marco
All these DAWs have steep learning curves. It’s fun to pick up something new each time you open a session. Before you know it, you’re a guru man! lol.

I did discover that if I highlight an event by clicking on it. it seems to activate the Auto Select Under Cursor for a while. Then gets funky and stops. Maybe someone at Steinberg can chime in if this is a bug on some Macs. I may try a new install today. I will need to remember to export my custom key commands first.

Thanks Lee