Permanent bounced ARA FX AAP2 combined with DOP doesn't work since 13.0.40

Hi Steinberg developers,

since this versio 13.0.40 (don’t know in 13.0.30) the handling of ARA bounces seems changed, with a bug!

A lot of Clips from Booms and Lavs get overall FXs in DOP, f.e. DeClick and De-Rumble. So there are now DOP Edits on it with handle length like in DOP window adjusted.
Then this clips will be aligned with Auto Align Post 2. After that all sounds good. But after MAKE PERMANENT the ARA extension (Auto Align Post) the DOP FXs of this clips are still available (in opposite of version 12 or 13.0.21).
If I change this FXs (f.e. the Declicker) the ARA FX ist gone! Bug!

Formerly, everey clip was created with the whole file length. Why you not need the DOP handle length?

So, I think, this is not yet the right solution. Now it is quite a mess.


Hi Dietrich,

I guess you know that this is a user forum and if you find a bug it is important to enter a support ticket.

However, I have marked your posting with the additional tag “issue”, so that it is seen as a problem report.

yeah might be a bug, however you may want to consider doing Auto Align Post as an early step in the dialogue edit process before doing DOP. So you would align phase etc and make permanent before doing DOP work. I know in the perfect world it should work in any order. I find ARA is great tools but still not 100% implemented to be as flexible as it might feel like it should. So I tend to use ARA and then make it permanent before doing any DOP. Spectralayers for example has its own plugin processing built into it which I think was designed to work around that as well and the new11 seems to make it look more like DOP built in. I don’t think ARA and DOP can be used interchangably right now

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