Permanent high latency with MIDI in Cubase 8

I have a very strange problem. When working with VST instruments in Cubase 8 I get very high latency, although I set buffer size to small number and in ASIO parameters for my soundcard (I have Lynx-II) it shows input latency - 7ms, and output latence - 12ms. The point is, that I have high latency in previously saved projects, and not in new ones. I create a project, open some VST instruments and work with it - everything looks fine, no noticeble latency. I save the project, and when I open it again to continue working - then I get latency! I close this VST instrument and open it again (in the same project) - no latency! I save the project, close thr Cubase, open it again, open the project - and get the latency. There was no such a problem in my old Cubase 5.5. Who can help me with it?

Hi Clapaucius,

please try enabling “Constrain Delay Compensation” and see if that helps.