Permanent renaming of QUICK CONTROLS

Please make QUICK CONTROLS custom naming PERMANENT

Quick Controls may be named as the target…which sometimes can be very cryptic and too long.
RENAMING is possible but it will reset after reloading the project.

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+1 Would be really helpful

I’ve not tried before, but do they retain the names if you save the quick control preset or as a track preset?

Saving as a PRESET does not help the workflow - its hard to save 900 Track presets just for the Q-Control names.
I also notice that they loos the names also on realoading the project.

I show you what I mean. In this GIF you see how I add and shorten the QuickControl name.
The edited name is sadly lost after each reload of the project. It seems by design so this seems to be a feature request


The plug-in’s (VST) Quick Controls renaming is permanent.

The Instrument’s (VSTi) Quick Controls renaming become lost during the project reopening. This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Hi Martin, any update on this ?