Permanently remove MIDI remote from Empty template

I have a duplicate MIDI remote in my Empty template, and the duplicate “device” causes UI problems. Whenever I create a new project using “Create Empty…” on the New Project window, I next have to remove the duplicate device or else there are serious interface problems. I cannot figure out how to permanently delete this MIDI remote from my Empty Template, or even where the Empty Template is. It’s becoming annoying to have to delete this MIDI remote every time I “Create Empty…”

What happens if you deactivate this device from the lower zone? (Disable controller script)

There are other things that could go wrong. Is it a “Public” midi remote or one that you’ve personally installed?

If deactivating fails, you could go for deleting the corresponding configuration file from [yourDocuments]/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/User Settings folder.

Could you post a screenshot of the lower zone of the MIDI Remote, the ports assigned to each of them and a screnshot of the directory I’ve just mentioned?

Deleting the configuration file in the directory that you suggested solved the problem. Thank you.