Permanently using instrument names according to preference?

There’s a few instruments which get different names, and both are available within Dorico, but I always prefer to use one over the other by default.

I always prefer Horn to French Horn, Cor Anglais to English Horn, Contrabass to Double Bass.

Also there are a few percussion names I would prefer but the alternates do not exist, so I would like to change them for future projects: Bass Drum to Gran Cassa, and Clash Cymbals to Piatti.

I’m sure these defaults come from Behind Bars but what can I say, I have my preferences :wink: How can save the ones I want as default for use always in future projects? When creating new players/instruments from scratch it’s not such a problem, but both Horn and Contrabass in particular get the other names I believe when I start from any of the chamber ensemble templates such as Brass or String quartets.

You can edit names etc here:

The star under the instrument list will save the selected one as Default for next project.