permissions on cubase project files


I have two problems;

  1. I recently had my system drive die and during the migration assistant and setup assistant processes I ended up with a permissions nightmare because i had to migrate data from a number of different sources so the user ID’s did not match from the previous system user name to the current one. I have resolved those issues on all other software data files (AFAIK) except my older cubase 4 projects - now on all of those projects (that were created under the old system) I keep getting the message that I only have read permissions on those files which means i have to resave them under a new tittle and folder. I have checked a number of the old projects and the results are the same and I have verified that the permissions on the folder show my user name with read and write priveledges but my user account shows up 2nd in the list, the system as the first user, on all of the cubase 4 project folders and the option for " make me the owner" is greyed out. I will hunt on the mac forum again but I thought someone here may have a sundry tip for the problem

  2. Unfortunately a number of my pluggin presets were corrupted on my most up to date back up files and some of these are in use in the projects. As a result I am getting message from cubase that some of the files data is missing or corrupted. I was under the impression that a cubase project remembered the setting in a vsti regardless if it has been saved as a preset so why would it not just remember the settings? Does a cubase project file still reference a vsti preset and then remember the edits? I know there have been occassions where i have edited sound file in a specific project and forgotten to save the preset but when I reopen a project the settings are retained. I would like to have a clearer understanding of what happens in this case and because some of the projects are older I dont remember exactly what sound was used in each vsti. But i want to know if i can safely ignore the message and go about resaving the presets ( for the purpose of updating my preset library) because the sounds are accurate to what I had edited in the project.

Hope that’s clear




Any thoughts / suggetsions etc


not sure how much help I can be, but…
Migration Assistant can be a “mixed blessing”… it is great for at least getting things back where they should be on your new disk (but can indeed cause havoc with Permissions).
I would then recommend actually re-installing Cubase over the migrated version (and, as far as possible, do the same with your plugins).
Btw, you mention “older Cubase 4 Projects”… Which version of Cubase is actually on your new installation?
(or did you also imply that it is already working o.k. with more recent Projects?)

Other things that spring to mind…

  1. Permissions…
    Is your User Account name identical to the account on your old disk?
    Is it possible that, even though the files have the correct permissions, they are inside a subfolder which, itself, has restricted permissions?
    Do you know how to set up a root account? Log in to it, and try setting read/write permissions for the filepath to “everyone” (maybe first move those files to a “harmless” subfolder :wink: )

  2. The VST plugins…
    Were these simply migrated also, or have you re-installed them (possibly with a different version)?
    It isn’t impossible that they themselves are corrupted. Try using them in a new Project (and, once again, a re-install wouldn’t hurt :wink: )

I hope that at least some of that may lead you closer to finding the solution :slight_smile: Good luck (it’s a horrible situation to be in, I know :wink: )

Hello Vic

yes Migration assistant is a mixed blessing - but apparently its more reliable than the setup assistant. MI is the one that shows up on the initial startup and setup assistant is the one from which you can move material from additional sources after you have started up. ( no doubt this is something you are aware of but i included it if anyone else runs accross this post who is aware of the difference and for clarification)

I had setup a root user account with the guidance of an apple rep ( not a process I am knowledgeable enough to do it with out aid) and this is how i regained permissions on my proper admin account. Just for clarification too the apple rep explained to me that it is not the user name that is the issue it is the user ID - My account mames were exactly the same but because i started with MI ( that process created a user acct with IE user ID =1) but I interupted that process from my time machine back up because it was a bit out of date. I had 2 devices that i wanted to retrieve info from 1 my laptop and 2 my time machine backup on an external - even though i directed MI to get the user account from the laptop it targeted the external so i stopped but not before it had created a user account with the ID=1. This is were the crux of the problem because when I used Setup Assistant to copy my user account files from the laptop it created and account ID=2 . All of the rest of my drives and files all think User ID 1 is the owner of the files - I thought we corrected all of this and for the most part we have (we = me and the apple rep). now Cubase 4 files are the only ones that are having conflicts - all of the drives and subfolders have been " corrected" after a long and arduous process and a few mistakes on my part - i literally found a terminal command program ( 4 lines of unix code that unlocked all my drives and correct the permission). I think with a bit of review i can sort this one out my bigger concern is issue number 2 - I have a definitely learned a lot from this problem and have a much deeper understanding of permissions.

BTW 50% of my pluggins were reinstalled and the older cubase projects were created in C4 or have been transferred from SX to C$ and saved. I am about to upgrade to C6 but I am hoping to sort this out before. Perhaps you are correct and its the pluggins themselves - because i have received the message that I need to install rosetta to run a few pluggins which is odd because i never realized rosetta was required for C4. I will look into your suggestion more deeply.

to complicate things further i had to upgrade to SL as part of this process because I am collaborating on projects requiring NI pluggins and the current Komplete versions wont run on 10.5. I am limping along with C4 and SL until my C6 arrives in the mail ( due 4 days ago ).

Lastly , to restate from OP, some of my presets on my laptop were corrupted which some were in use in the older C4 projects but because some of the projects were not finished and there is some good work in there and I fully intended on finishing them. I am just a little worried that some significant sound design work will be lost.

Thanks for your time

Installing Rosetta might just fix most of those plugin problems :wink: (even though Cubase 4 itself is Universal Binary, any plugins that are PPC only will still require Rosetta in order to run).
Btw, I am running Snow Leopard here (+Rosetta), and, although I am principally using Cubase 6, I still have Cubase 5 and Cubase 4 installed. (In fact, I even have SX3, which runs sorta-o.k.-ish via Rosetta, although it doesn’t like some of my newer VST plugins :wink: )
So, yes, do try installing Rosetta.


I’ll try your suggestions