Perplexed...standard panner disappeared on my mono channels

I opened a project this morning and was ready to start a mix and whaaaat? No panners on any of the channels except on my group and FX channels. Not sure if they were there when I set up the project because I didn’t even think to look or they disappeared after I assigned them to their group. Anyone ever encounter this? I did a bunch of bulk work from a live session and was just doing the grunt work of splitting the tunes into separate projects and this shows up on some but not all of the projects. Strange. Hope someone has ideas about this. Thanks for any suggestions.

Cubase 7.5 (64 bit) on Win7 Pro

To what are these mono audio channels routed? If they are routed to a mono output, or mono group, then there will be no panning available.

I will check…i was getting a little tired near the end of the session and may have added a bunch of mono groups. Wouldn’t surprise if thats what it is. Thanks for the reply.

Yup, thats what it was. D’oh! Thanks again.