Persistance of Old File Name

The first orchestral project I did in Dorico started as a MIDI import from a DAW–something I will probably not do again. Even though the name of the piece is correct in Windows Explorer and on the score page, I see an old file name at the top of Dorico.

How do I edit or eliminate that old name (“The Troublesome Elf - MIDI Export NM”)?

(I don’t even remember what “NM” means, but probably something about stripping out all the controller information.)

What you are showing here is the Flow name, the same that you can see in Setup mode bottom panel. Either double click on that flow in Setup mode, or use the window you’re showing here: below the list of (1) Flow(s), there’s a button to modify the name of a selected flow. This will probably change what you see on top of your Dorico window (usually, Project – Flow names)
Hope it helps.

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@MarcLarcher , Excellent, Marc. You are always very helpful, thanks.

Someday my brain will make peace with the flow concept. :slight_smile: Maybe when I write three-movement concerto.

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