Persistent Crash when attempting to change clef.

In the attached file, bar 85, attempting to change the left hand clef of Synth 1 to treble crashes Dorico without warning.
Running windows 10 64 bit. Any ideas?
Soy Todo file (463 KB)

I’ve just tried this with a current development build. The good news is, this doesn’t crash for me (and therefore looks to be fixed with the next release). Bad news is, I can’t currently tell you why it crashes, nor can I offer a workaround right now.

Are you able to keep working via other means? Delete the existing clef, then create a new one as a separate step maybe?

Good evening, GryptpypeThynne.
Sorry to intrude, but I also run Dorico in Win 10, 64 bit and sometimes something strange happens and it seems to me a bug, has gotten excellent clarifications from the good people of this forum. So I went to test and I had no problems … (attached version with clef changed).
I have had several unexplained crashes (some I emailed the report file of them) and so I started to suggest an “auto save” option. That’s why I got in the way. I do not have the desired explanation either; with me it works … sorry
Best Regards.
Soy Todo file (514 KB)

GryptpypeThynne, what if you simply delete the F clef change in the left-hand staff of the Synth 1 instrument instead? I don’t think you need an explicit clef change there, since the preceding and following sections are both in the G clef.

Daniel, that’s what I ended up doing, I just thought changing it via shift-C, G would have the same result.

No, in that case you would still be adding a clef change, whereas what you really want is no clef change, so deleting the clef is a better solution.

Got it!
Out of curiosity, what would be the purpose of adding a clef ‘change’ to the clef a staff is already in?

I don’t think there really would be a practical one, but Dorico doesn’t refuse to do it in case you have a good reason to want it!

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