Persistent issues with bluetooth, wired headphones, and other sound issues

For context, I’m on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.15.5, and Dorico 3.5. I have been experiencing all these issues in Dorico 2/3, as well as previous versions of MacOS. I have tried every troubleshooting tip I can find, from simply restarting to creating an aggregate device in Audio Midi Setup (which I have since deleted). These problems are consistent, and while I love Dorico, it has become a pain to use.

Connecting to bluetooth speakers or headphones is incredibly difficult. It usually requires multiple restarts, as well as manually selecting the bluetooth device in Dorico each time to connect. Often I am left with no sound at all, including the ability to go back to my Macbook speakers (without further restarts).

Wired headphones
Same problems as bluetooth, although usually requires less restarts, and can often be fixed by manually selecting the headphones in preferences. Never works automatically. However, if I plug or unplug headphones, about 50% of the time the program will freeze (rainbow wheel of death) and I will have to force quit.

This probably isn’t a problem for many users, but I wish it wasn’t a problem at all. When I have my EWI plugged in, instruments will go out of tune with other instruments within Dorico. This makes playback impossible to listen to. To clarify, I am not using my EWI for Dorico at all, it’s plugged in to use in Logic. However, it still interferes with the program.

To reiterate, I really love Dorico, but these problems are driving me crazy! Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Is EW using a different sample rate than the other instruments in your file (if that is even possible)? A difference in sample rates can change pitch playback.

Quick update:

I had my EWI tuned far enough from A440 that it was causing the out of tune issues. I imagine it was detuning the selected instrument.

That being said, especially during playback, it really shouldn’t be affecting the pitch of any instruments. I know I can of course deselect the EWI from the MIDI Input Devices section, but certainly this is still a minor issue?

Regarding the BT and wired headphones issues, I really wonder because it shouldn’t be that difficult and especially it should not crash the program. Would you mind having a remote screen sharing session, where we can have together a look on your computer and you explain me in detail?

Hi Ulf,

So sorry for the slow response on this. The crashing is somewhat inconsistent, but I’d be happy to try. Feel free to send me a DM to sort out the details.


Hi Josh, please check your direct mail.