Persistent plugin selection window


Currently, when a user wants to add a plugin, the user can (a) click to open a plugin selection menu, (b) browse/filter to find the needed plugin, and (c) click to select the plugin.

Sometimes the user wants to quickly add various plugins to various slots in the Cubase interface, and all that clicking can become tedious.

Feature Request

  • A persistent plugin selection window/panel which can be opened and kept on-screen.
  • The user can filter the plugin list with search terms and/or browse it like the usual plugin menu, but the window/panel will remain open until the user closes it.
  • The user can drag-and-drop any plugin from this window/panel to any destination plugin slot.

In this way, the user saves many clicks and can quickly deploy plugins throughout Cubase as needed without reopening menus repeatedly.

You can use drag’n drop.
Or you can use ALT+mouse drag to copy a plugin with the current setting to other slots.

And, never seen that before, you can disable the thumbnails, to have a simple list.

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Yup as @st10ss said, (but just in case not clear). We already have exactly what you need. It’s in the Right Zone section.

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@st10ss @Phil_Pendlebury Thank you both! This is indeed the solution.

The last time I had tried to utilize this feature, it was displaying weirdly and so I had given up on it, not thinking it would provide a simple filterable list as @st10ss noted. In its current state, it works great.

Many thanks!

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