Persistent problem with MCU Pro and MCU Pro XT

Hi Cubase Forum

I’ve been a user of Steinberg Products since Pro24 and now use Cubase 5.5.2 on my PC for music production. I have a Mackie Control Universal Pro and a Mackie Control Universal XT which I have been using for a couple of years with Cubase as well as Reaper (which I’ve been playig with for fun in between jobs). But the problems I am havibg are with Cubase (ever since v 4)

I have connected the MCU and MCU XT deviced to many different MIDI interfaces over the time including the MCU’s own USB, M-audio MIDIsport 8x8, Novation RemoteZERO MIDI in as well as a host of variations on a theme but I always come up with the same problem… the MCU seems to be working when I open cubase but the transport sometimes does not work, so I have to do a RESET in the DEVICE SETUP in order to get the transport to work. The XT also has moving faders etc but when it loads up it just has the startup wordings on the scribble strip (Mackie Control Extender PRO by Mackie Designs Inc v3.0.0) and although I can use the faders and buttons I get no feedback from the scribble strip. The only way to get this to work is to turn off and on the MCU XT and then do a RESET in the DEVICE SETUP… the other way is to trash my preferences evey time I run a project and that’s just not possible, Once all the resetting has been done it works fine for the session until I relead Cubase and then I have to start again (after a crash for example)… this is damn frustrating especially given the cost of the MCUs.

I mentioned Reaper before… how dies that fare? it works EVERY TIME perfectly, never a glitch, faders all good, scribble strip all working. I downlaoded a demo of Cakewalk SONAR today and that also works perfectly with the MCU devices, all faders go right, transport works fine and scribble strip is pupul;ated with track names VU meters etc…

this is clearly a CUBASE problem, but Steinberg support say there’s not a problem. There were reports of this problem on the old forum but there were never any solutions… therefore I’m starting a fresh onthe new forum. If anyone has any ideas (especially people who had the same problem) i’m all ears…

Steinberg, if you’re listening, please take note… this IS a bug and needs to be fixed, if Reaper and Sonar can get it right why can’t Cubase?