Persistent RX2 VST3 plugins will not categorize.

I have rx2 v2.01, which installs DLL’s to the …\Common Files\VST3\ folder. I have copied core + vst DLL’s to my “Restoration” subfolder at …\VSTPlugins and find that the Cubase5 Insert screen shows both the Restoration folder set and the VST3 set below my folder names. How do I remove this duplication? If I remove the vst2 DLL within Restoration folder, the VST3 will not “move in”. I have noticed the rx2 VST3 do not have an internal folder category, only the generic FX (as displayed in Cubase 5 plugin Info. If I simply un-check the VST3 within Plugin information they are removed for that session only and re-appear stubbornly on my next Cubase5 session.