persisting accidentals

Hi there,

I entered with a keyboard the Notes C# D# F# G#. Dorico made Db Eb Gb and Ab from it. When I then afterwards set the Key to B Major, the tones were still displayed as Db Eb Gb and Ab, although all the tones exist enharmonically in the Key of B.
One might argue to first set the key and then start writing. However I have the same Problem when importing from Midi. All Notes get interpreted as # or b and then they won’t change, when setting another key.
Is there some respelling according to key option? I couldn’t find anything.
Thank you

You could try Transposing to the same key signature.

Dorico doesn’t transpose the music automatically when you add or change a key signature (I know that Finale at least has the option to do this, but Dorico doesn’t). However, as Ben suggests, you could transpose the music up a half-step and then back down again, or you could select the affected notes and respell them, e.g. to respell Cb as B natural in B major, type Alt± (that’s Alt with minus), which is the shortcut for Write > Respell > Respell Using Note Name Below.

I tried the transposing trick. And I’m getting weird results. Halft step up and down results in Eb still being Eb. Half step down and up, gets interesting. First I couldn’t transpose a half step down, only diminished unison. Then transposing up again results in Cb major. Changing Key to B results in back to square one all notes have flats. If I transpose augmented Unison it actually renders the right result.
I also experimented with the “transpose key” and “keep relative respelled notes…” option.
This took me about 10 Minutes for just 4 Notes. Very unconvenient process, because of the many different possible results.

So much for that. Just now realized, that I can respell multiple Notes. :laughing: In Finale (I think) I could only respell single notes. That actually did the trick quite well.
Thank you!