Persisting bug in individual parts : Ornaments and system break


In one of my individual parts, there is a bug with ornaments and system breaks. The ornamental notes at the beginning of a bar are in the previous system instead of the new one. I can fix that by reapplying system breaks, but if I close and reopen the project. They go back to the wrong position. I can send the project privately. I hope this can be fixed because I have to send these parts very soon :grimacing:

Many thanks for your help!

It would be very interesting to have a copy of the project file. From the looks of things I suspect this may be similar to a bug we already have on our backlog to fix, but it would be good to confirm that. My email address is r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de.

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If one tells Dorico to place grace notes before the bar line, one should avoid system breaks on those bar lines.

Where grace notes appear, before or after a bar line, is configurable in Engrave mode Properties…

Hi Derrek, the grace noted are not placed before the barline. It is a bug, because it always reappear when I open the file even if I fixed it by putting the right system breaks.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your help, I just sent it to you

Thanks for this - it looks like the same bug. Curiously the problem is triggered by another note elsewhere in the that has the “Ends voice” property set, although exactly why this triggers the bug is not clear. As I say, it is on our backlog of issues to look at.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for having investigated the file! Have you find which note it is? Maybe I could try to change its voice to see what it does. I have to send the individual parts today or tomorrow so I need to find a workaround.

Edit : I think I found the note. It works fine for now