personal collection vsti & vst


i created vsti & vst collection from plugin manager but when cubase bug (cubase stop to run or crash/cubase à cessé de fonctionner) or when vstbridge crash/disconnect

Maybe there is a tips to retrieve or forbid their deletion on cubase 8.5 ?

Can you point me too if cubase version > 8.5 resolve that plz ?

bad english but cordial :slight_smile:

Cubase doesn’t delete VST plugins.

check loading window (when Cubase starts) which plugin cause crash and move it somewhere.

You can manage your plugins here Devices -> Plugin Manager

no cubase don"t delete vsti or vst but the collection that i created.

sorry i had not specify in my sentence :

“i created vsti & vst collection from plugin manager, but when cubase bug (cubase stop to run or crash/cubase à cessé de fonctionner) or when vstbridge crash/disconnect”, my collection has been deleted

So was your collection ever saved? or do you mean that Cubase always hangs on exit so the collection is never saved??

I can’t see how it would ever delete the plugin manager collections once they were saved unless you are resetting or deleting your preferences for some reason.

ok i try to be more clear .

i create a collection of vsti or vst in plugin manager.

-When i exit and reopen cubase manually , the collection appear so it has been saved cause i can select it.

-but when cubase crash or vstbridge crash,so i need to restart cubase and my collection don"t appear, it has been deleted.

That’s very odd…it is stored with the other prefs in the xml files so unless prefs are being completely reset I don’t understand why it would be deleted.

After recreating your collections open profile manager, save your profile as default and then save again with a different name and export it.
Then you can always re-import from this file if it happens again…But hopefully saving it as the default profile will help it stay put.

I don"t have profil on cubase artist but i backup this 3 XML located in %appdata% on windows.
They comeback default settings and loosing all my preset when cubase or vstbridge crash.

now i know when it reset default settings and plugins, in consequence my personal collection ; it’s due to virtual mix rack slate digital when it can"t backup his parameter. Sometimes it ring me by a dialog box.

But now with backup xml it’s good, i can retrieve my personal collection.