Personal listening environments

Hi everyone.

I am expanding my space and creating a listening space for myself. The area is 12’x12’ with one of the sides open. Attached is a picture of the floor plan for this space. It is the open area where you see the l-shaped couch.

Here is the deal: I am thinking about doing a surround sound setup in that room and there will be a speaker in the bathroom and speakers in the bedroom as well.

Does anyone have any experience with in-wall speaker solutions that sound good? I have heard some before and I have always thought they sounded like crap, but it has been a while.
Also, I am looking to dedicate a HTPC computer and run a media app which will be j-river:

So does anyone have any experience with a setup like this? I would like a nice system since I listen to music all the time (the stuff I am mixing and released music) I just don’t want cube speakers hanging off the walls. Who knows… maybe there are god solutions that look and sound good. Oh, no Bose!!! LOL

Ok, to wrap up:
office: 2 ceiling/wall speakers
bedroom: 2 ceiling/wall speakers
bathroom: 1 ceiling speaker
personal listening area: Surround system: rear speakers in wall or ceiling. Standing front L-R-C and sub is fine.

HTPC computer
a few sound cards for all the zones/speakers
a few multi-channel amps to drive everything.

Any input or experiences greatly appreciated. The listening room is my biggest priority. I want it to sound good, but it doesn’t have to be hyper accurate like my control room.
basement plan.jpg

Oh, your wife is moving you to the basement too?

Nope. I’m not married. The basement is partiality below grade. There are 5 windows to the outside world and the air is conditioned. :slight_smile: stained concrete floors, lighted birch tray ceilings… a beautiful space that voids the basement stigmata. Ill snap some pictures once completed. Best of all… away from all my work and void of clientele traffic. My girlfriend is excited :wink: she has a 5 acre plot with a farm house.

Actually sounds pretty nice! Can’t help you with in-the-wall speakers, though, I never found any I liked, not that I looked very hard.

The real problem with in wall/ceiling speakers is the resonance and loading with the walls/ceiling. You could have it sound great in the room, but vibrate the dishes right out of the kitchen 3 rooms away. You can spend a life time trying to deal with all of the issues, or you can put them in and all will be good. Hard to tell.

I’ve been in a couple of houses that have Paradigm that sound really good. But, IMO good ol’ free standing speakers with a couple of subs is the ticket. Although you said you don’t want that.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I think I will go with this system.

Maybe I will go À la carte and go with an energy sub as people tend to think their subs are a bit better.

Not a high-end system, but that isn’t what I want. I just want to be able to enjoy p*rN in surround… (Steve) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

surrounded by p*rN hmmmmmmm :smiling_imp: